Visiting the Time Being

April 2, 2014


Walking over mountains of clouds

What happens when the right book falls into the right reader’s hands? Ruth Ozeki appears and vanishes and reappears in my life.  This is fine.  It is my experience generally.  The difference is that generally I rummage around until I find whatever, or whomever, I’ve misplaced. I never find Ruth Ozeki when I’m looking for her.  (Not […]

A dance to spring

April 1, 2014


Red squirrel

When a winter has been Truly Awful every little bit of sunshine has an astonishing effect on a person’s mood.  We had a few days of wild optimism over the weekend and, in the manner of Feiffer cartoons (joy tempered with deep anxiety) went dancing. We were not the only ones out and about.  I’m pretty sure […]

Icy fire opal

March 31, 2014


Fire opal crop

Babs Young was out and about on still-frozen Torch Lake as the sun dropped toward the still-frozen horizon. It was all so beautiful, and all so cold . . . but look at that sky! Doesn’t that look like a fire opal? An icy fire opal.  It must be a sign. I have decided that […]

Reflection along the Jordan River

March 25, 2014


East Jordan deep freeze

Babs has been over in East Jordan taking pictures.  She pulled into a parking lot overlooking the braided flats of the Jordan River where it empties into the South Arm of Lake Charlevoix, and captured sunshine on ice.  Beautiful, she writes, but still very cold. That water is all frozen. I fell in love with the […]

Compliments to the chefs

March 24, 2014


Don Hoezee with First Annual Chili Cook-off Trophy

A considerable part of the Township’s year-round population turned up at the First Annual Firehouse Chili Cook-off on Saturday.  The firefighters are a wily bunch.  They enticed us with excellent treats at no charge. Eight different chili recipes to sample . . . Cornbread and gluten free muffins and an assortment of toppings . . . Cupcakes […]

Care for a cold one?

March 17, 2014


Muskellunge indeed - DNR

Intrepid reporter Babs Young trekked across the frozen tundra that is Torch Lake to bring you this special report.