Sunset over the Bay 041714_0172 April 21, 2014
Sunset on Grand Traverse Bay 4-18-2014 April 20, 2014
Mossy patch April 16, 2014
Grade April 14, 2014

Waking gently

April 13, 2014


Torch Lake emerges from winter 041214_1449

At the Writing Studio and Bait Shop mist rose from patches of rich brown leaves and flowed across the Bay, hiding the Leelanau Peninsula.  A mile to the east, Babs Young woke to blue Torch Lake, where the ice is melting at last. Colors are coming back into the world.

Mud season trots in on little fox feet

April 12, 2014


Guard Fox

Bruce the Weatherman (not to be confused with Bruce the Maple Syrup Tycoon) writes: Andi and I have fled to Ann Arbor to avoid Eastport’s usual April mud. But it looks like the mud there is still covered. While we are away, we have network cameras keeping their eyes on things. We also have a […]