Gerry and Miss Sadie at the Torch Bay Nature Preserve July 15, 2014
Polyphemus moth wings with transparent eyespots July 6, 2014
Bird Studio and Gallery July 5, 2014
Katie on the beach - Veterans Memorial Park June 18, 2014

And now your Agricultural Report from Babs Young

June 5, 2014


Apricot blossoms

Babs Young has been out and about in the Township paying attention to growing things.  She found strong evidence that there will be excellent–and local–treats for us to eat this summer. Earlier in the spring, you will recall, that was by no means a sure thing.  On May Day the orchard was bare.  Babs wrote: […]

Spring chores, in which the Cowboy is shorn and the Owl reappears

June 4, 2014


The Cowboy half-shorn

We have been busy around the Writing Studio and Bait Shop, on the theory that when things fall apart that we can’t fix, we should find something we can fix and do that. Excellent.  We can wash windows and screens.  We have a lot of windows and screens, and three sets of sliding glass doors.  We set to […]