Sod_House_Ranch_bunkhouse-FWS photo Wikimedia February 6, 2016
Babs Jan 31 - Winter scene Blue Heaven January 31, 2016
Featured photo January 27, 2016
Hooper's Golden Bell January 26, 2016

Babs on Sunday*

January 25, 2016


Winter - Grand Traverse Commons

*I am shamelessly stealing from Mrs. Uphilldowndale’s Spud on Sunday series. As we have discussed, I have a lot of catching up to do around here.  Babs Young has been sending her weekly Michigan Pics the whole time.  I have enjoyed every one of them, but I am not going to post two years’ worth here […]

Report from the Weatherman et al.

January 24, 2016


Winter Welcomes the Weatherman

I told Mr. Tootlepedal over in Scotland, where it seems to be unseasonably green and springlike, that I had winter to spare and would be happy to share.  He said photographic evidence would be welcome.  This post is for him.  Also for all you Summer People who are in Florida.  I know how you are. […]